I'm Liz.

I'm a Brooklyn based theater-maker specializing in directing & puppetry.  I am a creativity coach, artist & activist.  

As I approached 30, I declared: My thirties are dedicated to actively participating in life with authenticity.  It took a good minute half a decade to get this ideology & way of living into my bones and cells, to become second nature.

It was hard at first.

I'd forget, and old behavioral patterns would emerge.  It would be too uncomfortable and I would return to the warm embrace of familiarity.  I'd have to recommit to actively participate in life with authenticity everyday, sometimes several times a day.

I continued the pursuit because even though the familiar felt safe and comfortable, it was deeply unsatisfying and I longed for a more dynamic life that honored my soul.  I had caught glimpses of what this life could look like and I wanted it.  I wanted it pretty bad - bad enough to step into uncertainty and risk.

I dared to not only dream, but to believe that my life could be so much more.

So, I did something radical: I took action.

It was the first time in my life that I listened only to my soul & my soul said: Finish that BA and study theater at Sarah Lawrence College.

I left the life I had built in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I quit the stable paralegal job, said goodbye to my boyfriend, family & friends, packed up my wonderful apartment, grabbed the cat & moved to New York where I'd only been once before and the only person I knew was an acquaintance.

Yes, this required many sacrifices, losses so felt that I thought my heart would not recover.  But, I did it anyway because sacrifice is to make something holy.  By sacrificing the things dearest to my heart, I christened my own life and journey as holy.

I thrived at Sarah Lawrence!  I studied theater directing, acting, puppetry, painting, photography, writing and so much more.

I became comfortable in my own skin.

I became the architect of my own life, building the foundation of what was once only imagined.  

I went on to receive a MFA in theater directing from Brooklyn College where the relationships I made with faculty, staff and peers continue to edify me.

I learned to use the voice I had long neglected to bring awareness to social issues, such as gender inequality, domestic violence and human trafficking.

This blog is a record of some of the ways in which I am actively participating in my life.  

Thank you for stopping by.

Please comment on my posts or write and tell me how you actively participate in your life.


Founder of Life's Echoes Creativity Coaching

Managing Editor of Our Cooperative Ministry

Co-Founder of the NYC Artist Group

MFA in Theater Directing from Brooklyn College

BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College